Shirotori Koen Autumn Light-Up Night

When we returned from Toyota on Saturday, I saw a sign at the subway station that said there was a special light-up night at Shirotori Koen in Nagoya. It was only for 2 days, so we decided to go after dinner last night. (It was a super busy weekend!!) It was spectacular!

Shirotori Fall Lightup 012r

An illuminated Japanese maple tree.

Shirotori Fall Lightup 018r

Japanese lantern and momiji (maple).

Shirotori Fall Lightup 019r

Lights shining amongst the trees.

Shirotori Fall Lightup 027r

One of the tea houses at Shirotori Koen.

Shirotori Fall Lightup 031r

Christmas trees over the lake.

Shirotori Fall Lightup 052r

The trees reflected beautifully into the lake.

Shirotori Fall Lightup 059r

A couple on the bridge admires the fall colors.

Shirotori Fall Lightup 094r

The waterfall surrounded by the beautiful leaves.

Shirotori Fall Lightup 100r

Even the flowers were illuminated and shone brightly.

Shirotori Fall Lightup 104r

They had carved bamboo lanterns, as well. This one says “Shirotori” in hiragana on the left.

Well, that is all for this weekend! I hope that you enjoyed the pictures!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Marie Elder
    Nov 27, 2013 @ 00:23:53

    Beautiful… favorite time of the year! I love your pictures.


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