Nagoya Castle, Part Two: Restoration and Garden

After seeing the flower bonsai, we headed inside one of the newly restored buildings. Nagoya Castle was mostly destroyed in bombings during 1945, and restoration efforts began in 2009. The restoration has been scheduled into 3 phases. The first has just been completed, and the last will be completed in 2018.

Fall Nagoyajo 052r

This is the first of many screens we saw in the newly restored building. These screens are not the originals – those are housed behind glass in the castle itself. These are reproductions.

Fall Nagoyajo 055r

Tiger screens.

Fall Nagoyajo 057r

We were not exactly sure what animal this is supposed to be. Maybe a weasel?

Fall Nagoyajo 064r

Birds on a tree.

Fall Nagoyajo 070r

There were tons of levels of sliding doors in this room. It was very beautiful.

After seeing the screens, we went through various construction areas. Some were informational, while others were the actual construction site.

Fall Nagoyajo 075

This model shows all the levels involved in making traditional Japanese walls in the castle and other buildings.

Fall Nagoyajo 076

This model demonstrates how the roof is constructed.

Fall Nagoyajo 078

The buildings are built without nails, so they require complex interlocking pieces. Here are the pieces fitted together.

Fall Nagoyajo 079

And here they are apart. Some of the pieces were like sorcery and had four pieces!

Fall Nagoyajo 092

Here is one of the actual buildings being reconstructed, zoomed in so that you can see the interlocking pieces.

After the construction, we visited one of the smaller buildings and saw a display about traditional toys and dolls, built by local craftsmen.

Fall Nagoyajo 122r

Here is a samurai and a geisha.

Fall Nagoyajo 126r

Here is a festival float.

Fall Nagoyajo 130r

A chicken Shinto priest and priestess. I thought these were a bit creepy.

Fall Nagoyajo 139r

There were tons of beautiful leaves carpeting the grounds.

Fall Nagoyajo 145r

Teddy spotted this pretty swan out in the moat.

Fall Nagoyajo 158r

Here is Teddy with the “Steelers” tree. I decided that it was a Steelers tree because of the colors. I think it’s a beech tree, but I am not sure.

Fall Nagoyajo 160r

Here is me!

Fall Nagoyajo 200r

Here is one of the walkways in the garden at Nagoya Castle.

Fall Nagoyajo 210r

We also ran into a couple of mascots. Here’s a friendly looking one.

Fall Nagoyajo 213r

And here are two oni (demons).

That’s all for Nagoya Castle! The next post will be about the Shirotori Garden Autumn Light-up!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara Lange
    Nov 25, 2013 @ 23:21:19

    I would love to see those screens, they look really beautiful. Thanks for posting pictures of you and Teddy.


  2. Shirley
    Nov 26, 2013 @ 00:42:45

    These are great pictures, Jen! They used to make (not sure if they still do) furniture with the interlocking pieces instead of nails. I think that’s how the dresser in your bedroom at home is.


  3. Marie Elder
    Nov 27, 2013 @ 00:32:28

    Looking good! I sure am enjoying all your posts!


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