Friends, Food and Fall

So, we’ve been kind of taking it easy since our move because we’re kind of tired from moving, and we’re trying to save money (we have some cool trips coming up this winter!!)

I have shared the delight of homemade Pittsburgh-style pierogies twice in the past two weekends though!!

Pierogie Making 002r

Me and Teddy with two of our coworkers (who also live in our same building!) We made jalapeno-cheddar pierogies, salad, and kabocha soup.

Dinner with Takami 075r

This weekend, we made pierogies again with my friend, Takami. Here we are, stuffing away.

Dinner with Takami 081r

Our army! We made 53 pierogies!!

Dinner with Takami 091r

Teddy is smiling because, once again, he did not have to stuff one pierogie.

Dinner with Takami 090r

We also made little sweet potato molds. Here I am, wrapping one up.

Dinner with Takami 096r

The meal! We made, in addition to pierogies and sweet potatoes, minestrone soup, salad, and lotus root saute.

Dinner with Takami 097r

Takami made these delicious little tarts for dessert!

This weekend, we also tried a new pancake place that opened at the mall. It’s called Huit Huit (the Japanesily butchered version of French for 88).

Huit Huit 003

However, they had FRENCH TOAST PANCAKES. Yes. They were delicious.

Huit Huit 002

We also tried the caramel apple pancakes. Also delicious.

Yesterday, we biked to Osu and got some Indian food at Inpal.

Inpal 004

We shared a yummy salad.

Inpal 007r

We also got the vegetable samosas. In Japan, they always serve samosas with ketchup. What are they supposed to be served with? Cause I’m pretty sure ketchup is not normal.

Inpal 008

We got the paneer and pea curry, because the paneer is made at the restaurant. It was good.

Inpal 010

For our nan, we got the garlic nan.

After eating, we walked around for a while. We ended up at Shirakawa Koen, which was super pretty with all the fall colors.

Shirakawa Koen 001r

This rabbit statue near the entrance is super creepy.

Shirakawa Koen 003r

Fountains, sculptures, and fall foilage.

Shirakawa Koen 012r

That cool building in the background is the science center’s planetarium.

Shirakawa Koen 014r

A close up of the fall colors.

Shirakawa Koen 020r

A shot of Shirakawa Koen from the bridge.

Well, that is all for now! Hopefully I will have more beautiful fall foilage for you next weekend!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barb Lange
    Nov 18, 2013 @ 14:05:41

    Lovely pictures! The pierogies look delicious!! I miss our Friday meals Jen!


  2. Marie Elder
    Nov 18, 2013 @ 15:18:01

    Miss all of you…Jen, Teddy, Barb and Ted…..2 years is a long time!


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