Yoro Waterfall

This weekend we get a three day weekend!! We are in the process of moving, so we only went one place this weekend, but it was beautiful! We took the train to Gifu, one of the neighboring prefectures, to see Yoro Falls.

But first, I have some other pictures to share. This week was the last week for two of our students. One will be starting at a Japanese school, which the other is moving to the US! They both gave all their classmates and teachers yummy treats.

Goodbye Presents 001

These are from our first grader.

Goodbye Presents 002

These are from our second grader. He wrote us notes, too! 🙂

Yesterday, we took our bikes to Sengen-cho to eat at Pupu Kitchen and to go to the giant recycle store down there. We got a really nice dish cabinet for only 5400 yen (plus a 1900 yen delivery charge). Pictures of our new apartment will follow at some point (not sure when though, since our internet connection can’t be moved until the end of the month!) 😦

Pupu Kitchen 025r

The daily lunch set was not super fantastic this time. I always make an effort to eat everything as long as it’s vegetarian, but sometimes it’s pretty hard. In Japan, people really love slimy foods. I don’t. There were a couple of slimy things in this set, so that was kind of unfortunate. The main dish, the kidney bean balls, was delicious, though!!

Onto Yoro!

Yoro is super easy to access from Nagoya. From Nagoya Station, it’s only 2 trains! (If you happen to be lucky and make the connection right, it’s only about 1 hour, too!)

Yoro 002r

Yoro, like a lot of Japan, had some pretty creeptacular spiders! This guy here was bigger than a 500 yen coin (which is bigger than an American quarter).

Yoro 006r

We thought the leaves would had been fully changed by now, but only some of the trees had turned! (We were not alone in this thought, either – I heard some Japanese people talking about this, too!)

Yoro 013r

The river leading to the falls was very beautiful.


Here we are walking along the river.

Yoro 023r

I feel like I always post horrific bugs, so here is a cute one! I have no idea what it is. Some kind of katydid, maybe?

Yoro 024r

Here is the required manhole cover picture! Some guy riding on a gourd with cherry blossoms on the side. The gourds seem to be famous in Yoro.

Yoro 034r

Here are the falls! Yoro Falls is in the top 100 most beautiful waterfalls in Japan list. Also, the water is filtering through chalk rock, and is believed to restore your health and youth. I was never more excited to clean my hands and mouth before entering a shrine once I read that. 😀

Yoro 038r

Here is a close-up of the falls.


Me in front of the falls.


Teddy in front of the falls.

Yoro 052r

The shrine near the falls had very cute enma (prayer tablets).

Yoro 053r

Here is another.

Yoro 054r

There were also prayer gourds.

Yoro 055r

After our hike, we had some yummy dango with miso-chestnut sauce (left) and sweet red bean paste (right). I liked the beans, and Teddy liked the miso paste best.


In Yoro Station, there were all kinds of Yoro gourds hanging from the ceiling above the platform.

Isola 001r

After getting back to Nagoya, we walked around the station area a bit, and then had dinner at Isola, a pizza place.

Isola 002

We got the fresh tomato pizza and the arugula calzone. I was super excited that there was a calzone I could actually eat in Japan! They usually have meat in them.

Well, that’s all for now.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marie Elder
    Nov 03, 2013 @ 15:21:21

    I think pizza must be a world favorite…..wonder how many different kinds there are? Beautiful pictures , as always. Roxanna and her family visited and mentioned the great pictures….you and your Grandpa Elder have a connecting link. He would have enjoyed talking with you about photography.


  2. Hiroshi Nara
    Nov 04, 2013 @ 02:13:39

    So this is the Yoro Falls (Yooroo no taki) that the famous bar/restaurant chain was named after?


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