Nagoya City Science Center

The weather report was not very promising for Saturday (though it ended up being fine), so we decided to go see the Nagoya City Science Center rather than go on a hike.

First, we headed to Osu to check out Inpal, and Indian and Nepalese restaurant. We got the A lunch set, which was less than 1000 yen for a drink, a curry, nan or rice, and a salad.

Inpal 001r

The salad was good, and had some type of sesame tasting dressing.

Inpal 003r

We both got the vegetable curry and the nan. I got 4 spicy, and Teddy got three. It was yummy!

After that, we walked over to Fushimi, where the science center is. The science center is super cheap – only 400 yen for adults. We each got a 40 yen discount because we had subway passes!

Science Center 001r

On the first floor, there were a bunch of optical illusions and mirrors.

Science Center 011r

There was this cool place where you could make giant bubbles.

Science Center 022r

You could even make your body “vanish”!

Science Center 048r

They had a tornado simulation where a lady in a cape threw a bunch of balloons up into the tornado.

Science Center 098r

They had a life science section, too.

There is also a planetarium there that you can go see for an extra 400 yen, but all of the shows except for the one at the end of the day were sold out, so we didn’t see it this time. Maybe next time!

After the science center, I used the powers of my phone to find a delicious patisserie.

We ended up at Gateaux de la mere Souriante, where you can get cake sets that include a cake, a drink, sorbet, and a cookie for 900 yen!

Gateaux de la mere Souriante 002r

Chocolate cake set.

Gateaux de la mere Souriante 003r

Kabocha cake set.

Well, that is all for the science center! Next weekend we are off to Hakuba!


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  1. Marie Elder
    Oct 06, 2013 @ 14:50:09

    Everything is displayed in such an attractive way. Presentation is the key!


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