Kakizore Gorge

Today, we woke up at our normal workday time to go on a nice hike!

We took the train way out to the countryside of Nagano Prefecture, and got off at Junikane. From there, we began our hike.

Kakizore September 003r

This is the beautiful river. It was super blue in the deep parts, and so clear in the shallow parts that we could see tiny fish swimming in the river from the bridge (which was at least 50 feet above the river).

Kakizore September 005r

Luckily, the most horrifying creatures we saw on our hike were gnarly spiders. No suzumebachi (giant hornets), no mukade (poisonous centipedes), and no venomous snakes!

Kakizore September 008

The mountains and the river.

Kakizore September 020

This sign was warning us about bears (in a hilarious way). We didn’t see any, but I made sure to be purposely loud. The bears around here are supposedly not very aggressive, and will pretty much only attack if you surprise them by getting too close.

Kakizore September 024r

We walked through a bunch of really pretty farmland.

Kakizore September 029r

Somehow, neither of us has ever seen rice that is matured. It was super cool to see the rice ready to be harvested.

Kakizore September 032r

Here is a close up of rice drying in the sun.

Kakizore September 041r

We also got to see people harvesting and drying rice, which was awesome.

Kakizore September 043r

To get to the gorge, you need to walk across this suspension bridge. It has a limit of 5 people. It sways A LOT. It’s not super high, but if you fell off, you would fall onto rocks in a shallow part of the river and probably get pretty hurt, so it was a little frightening.

Kakizore September 049r

I took this shot from the bridge.

Kakizore September 057r

After climbing around on ridiculous platforms and down ridiculous “stairs”, we reached “Ushi no Taki”, a waterfall.

Kakizore September 059r

Here is Teddy at the waterfall.

Kakizore September 061r

And here is me!!

Kakizore September 062r

Here is another shot of the waterfall.

Unfortunately, due to a landslide, the road to the rest of the gorge was closed, so we couldn’t swim in the river and we couldn’t see the other waterfalls. So that kind of sucked. But we think we will go back next summer and try again, because the roads are supposed to reopen at the end of December.

Kakizore September 072r

These are the mountains known as the “Japanese Alps”. They were really pretty!

Kakizore September 086r

Here is another fabulously creepy spider.

Kakizore September 090r

I took this from the bridge high above the river to give an idea of how beautiful and clear the water is!!

After our hike, we caught the train back to Nakatsugawa, the transfer point to Nagoya. We got some delicious coffee and pancake there.

Nakatsugawa 001r

Nakatsugawa 002r

After the pancakes, we walked around for a while.

Nakatsugawa 003r

Their manholes were really neat.

We caught the train back to Nagoya, and by the time we got home, it was dark. The moon looked fabulous tonight.

September Moon 010r

The moon was huge and really orangish!!

Well, that is all for now!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marie Elder
    Sep 21, 2013 @ 17:20:47

    Beautiful place but the bridge would have stopped me….Don’t like heights!


  2. Barb Lange
    Sep 22, 2013 @ 01:22:30

    What an absolutely beautiful post!! You both look fantastic, I miss you so much!


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