Festival Fail and Hanging Out With Friends

This past Saturday, we took a long train ride out to Suzuka in Mie Prefecture, with the plan of seeing the opening day of Suzuka Balloon Festival. Unfortunately, there was a breeze (literally, it was just a breeze) so the balloons could not fly. 😦 I did take some pictures while we waited around, though.

Suzuka 002r

This is the river where the festival was set to take place.

Suzuka 021r

They had one of the balloon baskets set up and were letting people try lighting the balloon torch.

Suzuka 027r

There was a tiny little plane that flew around the field for a while.

Suzuka 030r

Another shot of the plane.

Suzuka 033r

On the upside, I *did* get to try a new shaved ice flavor – green apple. It was yummy.

Suzuka 046r

We also saw this really cute grasshopper.

They finally announced that the festival was cancelled at 4 pm, at which point, we walked as fast as we could to catch the last express train back to Nagoya. (Seriously – it runs at 4:34!)

Yesterday, we hung out at home and typhoon-proofed our balcony for Typhoon 18, which, although it was supposed to hit us, luckily skipped right over! After doing that, we headed out to Takami’s house for dinner.

Dinner at Takamis 001

Takami’s cute nephew was over, and he made pancakes for us!

Dinner at Takamis 006r

Takami made some yummy vegetable bread to go with the lasagna I made.

Dinner at Takamis 008r

Here we all are at the dinner table.

Dinner at Takamis 010r

Takami’s friend, Masayo, brought a delicious roll cake!

In restaurant food news, we ate at the award-winning Solo Pizza:

Solo Pizza 004r

We both got the Margherita Extra STG and cappuccinos.

Eternal Cafe 003r

We also got breakfast at Eternal Cafe Saturday, prior to setting out for our failed festival. I got the Butter-Red Bean Toast Set. It was delicious!

Hopefully if all goes well, we’ll be heading out to see some fabulous nature next weekend!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barb Lange
    Sep 16, 2013 @ 13:44:55

    It looks like a lovely time at Takami’s home. Her nephew is really cute! The food looks delicious!


  2. Marie Elder
    Sep 16, 2013 @ 14:21:01

    Good talking to you today…looks like you are enjoying everything in Japan. Miss you ….Take care!


  3. Shirley Donehoo
    Sep 19, 2013 @ 00:04:12

    That bread Takami made looks delicious! Hope you can send the recipe! Of course, the cake roll looks yummy, too.


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