Biking Around Nagoya

Today, we decided to rides our bikes around. We didn’t really know where to go, so we decided to bike to Kiyosu Castle, which is in the next city.


Art Aquarium at Telepia Hall

Today, we went to see the Art Aquarium exhibit at Telepia Hall, which is in downtown Nagoya. We had seen it in Nagoya Calendar, and thought it looked really neat! It was super crowded, but worth it!


Chita Bay Trip

Today, Teddy and I went to the Chita Bay Area with 5 of our coworkers to welcome our newest addition to the company. We had a barbecue, went to the shore, and went to a flower picking place.


Kakizore Gorge

Today, we woke up at our normal workday time to go on a nice hike!

We took the train way out to the countryside of Nagano Prefecture, and got off at Junikane. From there, we began our hike.


Festival Fail and Hanging Out With Friends

This past Saturday, we took a long train ride out to Suzuka in Mie Prefecture, with the plan of seeing the opening day of Suzuka Balloon Festival. Unfortunately, there was a breeze (literally, it was just a breeze) so the balloons could not fly. 😦 I did take some pictures while we waited around, though.


Food and Floods

Not much exciting has been going on recently – we spent a week in the mountains on a work trip, and then spent some time recovering from it. 🙂 We were counselors for the school-sponsored Bible camp. No AC, and temperatures from 32-38 C (Basically, from the mid-80s to 100 F). Needless to say, we were pretty excited to get home.

As soon as we returned, of course, the heat wave broke, and we had weather nice enough to open the windows. This Wednesday, we had a ridiculous thunderstorm brought on by Typhoon 17, Toraji, which hit Kyushu and then sent nasty weather all through Japan.

It started really pouring about one hour before we got to go home. The lightning was striking super close – maybe 1000 feet from the school. Luckily, our boss drove us and the other teachers home. It wasn’t easy since all the streets had flash flooded.

The good thing about all this is that I was like, “Well, time to put together our emergency kit.” (We live in the Tokai region, which is long overdue for a big earthquake, so we really should have had one anyhow). We put on our Crocs and sloshed to the nearest grocery store. Then, of course, I took some pictures.