Kyoto – Shrines, Temples, Gardens and More!

Yesterday and today, we spent time in Kyoto – our old home. We saw a bunch of temples, shrines, gardens, and other things.

We went to Murin-an yesterday morning. Murin-an is near Keage Subway Station. Murin-an has a tea house that is surrounded by a Japanese style garden. It was built in the late 1800s.

Murinan 006r

A stream in Murin-an.

Murinan 020r

There was a very small museum on the ground with pictures and tea artifacts.

Murinan 021r

This is an ink stone and case.

Murinan 032r

We got a cup of maccha and a Japanese style sweet. Teddy thought it was kind of like a weird, Japanese-style buckeye.

Uji Kindoki 001

After Murin-an, we stopped and got something cool to eat. I got Uji Kindoki Kakigori. It’s shaved ice flavored with green tea syrup with a topping of sweet red beans. Yum!!

After our short break, we continued on to Tenjuan. Tenjuan was constructed in 1337 to commemorate the founding of Nanzenji. However, the original buildings burnt down, and the current ones date back to the 1600s.

Tenjuan 005r

Lotuses going to seed.

Tenjuan 013r

Rock garden at Tenjuan.

Tenjuan 026r

There was a tiny waterfall on the lake at Tenjuan.

Tenjuan 029r

The lake at Tenjuan was very green and pretty.

Nanzenji 001r

After Tenjuan, we headed towards Hojo Garden, a part of Nanzenji. These aquaducts are along the way.

Nanzenji 005r

I found a Jen-sized arch!!

Nanzenji 006r

This was the closest we could find to a Teddy-sized one.

Nanzenji 029r

This is Hojo Garden, one of the most scenic Japanese gardens. It was created around 1600.

Nanzenji 033r

Rock gardens are common in temple gardens.

Nanzenji 048r

This crane was hanging out in the garden.

After the garden, we headed to Proverbs for lunch. One the way, we saw this fabulous shirt:

Nanzenji 052

“Alive Eternals, Confusion will be my epitaph”. Okay then.

Lunch at Proverbs was fabulous. We got soymilk ramen. Afterwards, we went to Demachiyanagi and played in the river.

Demachiyanagi 004r

There are super cute turtle rocks mixed with the regular stepping stones.

Demachiyanagi 011r

Here’s me wading in the river. Teddy declared it too painful, so he just soaked his feet.

Demachiyanagi 015r

I made it all the way to the bridge!

After playing at the river, we headed downtown. There was a super long wait for karaoke, so we got some ice cream!

Gelato 001

I got mango-raspberry, and Teddy got coconut-caramel-macadamia.

After karaoke, I searched out and found Mumokuteki (which is amazing – it is well-hidden). I had eaten there when I studied in Kyoto, so Teddy never got to try it until yesterday.

Mumokuteki 002

We got the gluten tonkatsu and the okara-age.

Miyako Hotel 004r

This is a pretty ice sculpture that was outside of our hotel.

WTF Japan 001r

Honestly, I don’t even know what is going on here. This is just one of those WTF Japan moments.

Wednesday and Thursday, we watched fire dancing at the river. These pictures are of Muuta, one of the performers.

Fire Performance 572r

Fire Performance 404r

Here, Muuta acted like he was going to have Teddy swallow fire, and had him close his eyes. 😀

Fire Performance 437r

I can’t remember what these are called, but they look like jointed boomerangs.

Fire Performance 527r

Well, that is all for now! The next post will be about Heian Jingu, Gion, and Daimonji!


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  1. Marie Elder
    Aug 16, 2013 @ 17:06:40

    Great pix, as usual. I LOVE fire dancing!!!


  2. Barb Lange
    Aug 16, 2013 @ 19:24:25



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