Yesterday, Teddy and I headed to Nara. Nara is about 40 minutes from Kyoto by limited express train. Nara is an old capital of Japan, like Kyoto. We saw Nara Koen, Todaiji, and Kasuga Taisha Shrine.

Nara 001r

Nara’s manhole covers feature a deer. There are tons of deer in Nara. You can feed them, but they can be a bit scary once you have their food.

Nara 016r

This man was buying the deer some food. So, the deer decided to impatiently eat his shirt.

Nara 021r

More deer. These deer are not big like Pennsylvania deer. They are a little bigger than goats.

Nara 058r

Me feeding the deer. At this point, they are still being gentle and kind.

Nara 068r

They are getting a little bit frisky now. They kept pulling on my shirt whenever I broke the pieces off too slowly.

Nara 084r

Teddy feeding the deer carefully.

Nara 090r

The deer attack! They also tried to pull on Teddy’s shirt, but ended up biting him instead since his shirt was tighter than mine. They left red bite marks (but they didn’t bruise, luckily!)

Nara 104r

Teddy bravely fed them until he was out of food.

Nara 112r

It was super hot, so many of the deer were sleepy.

Nara 120r

Petting a sleepy deer.

Nara 123r

The deer looked up cutely at Teddy when he pet her.

Nara 145r

This is the Daibutsuden at Todaiji. It houses a large bronze Buddha statue. It was built in the 8th century.

Nara 164r

Here is the Daibutsu, or Big Buddha.

Nara 168r

The Daibutsu is flanked by two Bodhisattvas.

Nara 184r

There are also really cool, gigantic wooden statues, too.

Nara 218r

And we’re back to deer. Here is a buck attacking a box.

Nara 231

We stopped in and got ice cream after Todaiji because it was seriously hot. Teddy got white peach, and I got tofu. It really tasted like a block of tofu – which was weird for about the first 4-5 bites, but then it was delicious. Teddy only had one bite, but disagrees. He thought that it was a case of two great tastes that don’t taste great together.

Nara 238r

After ice cream, we went to Kasuga Taisha Shrine. Kasuga Shrine was built in 768. The buildings are rebuilt every 20 years, according to traditional Shinto tradition.

Nara 275r

After the shrine, we went to a nearby lake, and saw this couple dressed in traditional kimono.

Nara 281r

This deer disapproves of the temperature.

Nara 287

We had lunch at a vegetarian Indian place in Nara-machi. I got the M-size special set. It had salad, a papadum, vegetable curry, soup, 3 flavors of samosa, a chapati, licoricy-tasting carrots, rice, and yogurt with semolina and raisins. It was delicious and super filling.

Well, that is all for our Nara adventure! The next post will be about Kyoto!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marie Elder
    Aug 15, 2013 @ 16:59:52

    I don’t think I’d mess with the deer…..being bitten by Bandit was enough adventure for me!


  2. Shirley Donehoo
    Aug 15, 2013 @ 17:41:45

    I love the deer! I want to do that, too, when I come. (Are you keeping a list?) I love your hats!


  3. Barb Lange
    Aug 17, 2013 @ 04:15:24

    Dears among the deer. Love the pictures!


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