Osu Matsuri: Night Festival

Tonight we went back to Osu Kannon Temple to see the night festival. We saw Bon Odori Dance, Fire dancing, and Hand held Roman Candles.

Osu Matsuri 695r

Ladies demonstrating the Bon Odori Dances.

Osu Matsuri 721

There was lady playing taiko and another demonstrating Bon Odori.

Osu Matsuri 731r

Osu Kannon Temple.

Osu Matsuri 749r

Fire dancing at Osu Kannon.

Osu Matsuri 763r

More fire dancing.

Osu Matsuri 776r

The fire dancers again.

Osu Matsuri 888r

There were special hand held fire works that were like Roman candles.

Osu Matsuri 898r

There were festival volunteers that lit the Roman candles.

Osu Matsuri 899r

The fire works shot out sparks.

Osu Matsuri 918r

There were a bunch of people holding the fireworks.

It was really cool to see!

Well, that’s all for Osu Matsuri!!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Marie Elder
    Aug 04, 2013 @ 15:08:29

    I especially like the fire dancing…..I saw some in Hawaii and it was really a thrill….there is something almost pagan about it!l


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