Kariya Mando Matsuri

This weekend, we went to a festival called Kariya Mando Matsuri. Kariya is a town about 45 minutes by train from our apartment. The word “mando” means “ten thousand lanterns”. Most of what I know about this festival came from impromptu interviews I conducted on the spot. 😀 Luckily, many of the participants were more than happy to tell me the information I wanted to know! One man even gave us beer while we talked to him!

This festival began in the mid 1700s, and was to honor a fire god. The lanterns depict samurai, fierce looking dragons, demons, tigers, and so on. Each lantern is about 5 meters high, and according to one of the participants, each weighs between 60-75 kilograms (132-165 pounds). The lanterns are carried and swung around by a single man or woman. I was surprised to see that about one-third of the festival troupes were composed entirely of young women! The participants train for about 1 year in order to carry the lanterns. Also, these lanterns are not professionally made. Each lantern is created by its troupe. They are made from lights, bamboo, and washi (Japanese paper).

Now for some visuals!

Kariya Mando Matsuri 005r

Two of the floats sitting by the curb.

Kariya Mando Matsuri 008r

Here’s me in my yukata for a height comparison!

Kariya Mando Matsuri 020r

A close-up of one of the floats.

Kariya Mando Matsuri 036r

The leaders led their troupes in chants to get them pumped up! (You would probably need to be pretty pumped up to lift these floats!)

Kariya Mando Matsuri 064r

An oni (demon) and a horse.

Kariya Mando Matsuri 099r

Chanting and jumping!

Kariya Mando Matsuri 119r

This troupe was fabulous.

Kariya Mando Matsuri 143r

A bystander came up and offered to take a picture of us!

Kariya Mando Matsuri 148r

A man spinning a float.

Kariya Mando Matsuri 156r

Me with some festival participants.

Kariya Mando Matsuri 163r

As it got darker, the lights began to come on.

Kariya Mando Matsuri 167r

A lantern heading toward the shrine.

Kariya Mando Matsuri 207r

A man fighting a demon.

Kariya Mando Matsuri 226r

Samurai float.

Kariya Mando Matsuri 227r

Another samurai float.

Kariya Mando Matsuri 240r

A float with a serpent.

Kariya Mando Matsuri 243r

This float had a dragon, a horse and a tiger.

Kariya Mando Matsuri 259r

A man fighting two tigers.

Kariya Mando Matsuri 301r

The floats being paraded down the street.

This was by far one of the coolest Matsuri I’ve seen! If you are ever in the Aichi area during the last weekend of July, be sure to check it out!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marie Elder
    Jul 29, 2013 @ 13:14:05

    Wow…sounds like a great parade…..beautiful pictures, too. You and Teddy look so nice!!!


  2. Barb Lange
    Jul 29, 2013 @ 13:57:35

    Jen I was very happy I was able to copy the picture of you and Teddy together! The art is magnificent, it must have been really cool after it got dark, some of those lanterns looked pretty scary.


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