The Food of Hokkaido!

Many of Hokkaido’s famous foods involve fish, which we don’t eat. However, Hokkaido is also famous for fruit, dairy products, corn, and potatoes, which is right up our alley.

Without further ado, in no particular order, here is the food of Hokkaido!

Potato and Cheese Mochi 001r

This was actually a portion of my classy, multi-course park dinner the one evening. These are deep fried cheese filled potato mochi. They were absolutely delicious.

This next meal amazed me because of the large amounts of REAL cheese they gave us! In Japan, most of the cheese is super processed and fake. Not at Otaru’s Olive Italian Restaurant!

Otaru 117r

First, we got pretzels and wine.

Otaru 118r

This was the garden salad. Look at how much cheese there is! They also had a mozzarella and tomato salad, and now I wonder what it must look like! It was huge, so we shared it.

Otaru 119r

This came with the garden salad.

Otaru 120r

We then shared this delicious pizza. They make their own dough and sauce at this restaurant, and it is GOOD!

One evening, we stopped by Noymond Organic Cafe. This cafe was right near our hotel in Susukino.

Organic Cafe 002

We could only order one thing, but it was delicious. The ingredients seemed odd, but tasted great. This pasta had pickled cherry blossoms, wakame, asparagus, cabbage, olive oil, and cherry blossom scented sea salt!

For lunch one day, we stopped in at Tara Spice Bar.

Tara Spice Bar 003

We got the vegetable curry. I got it at the maximum spice level. It was surprisingly spicy. All the vegetables on top were deep fried, so of course they were delicious.

Susukino 016r

We also ate at our good old fall-back, Subway. Japanese Subway is the best ever. They have avocado year round, for one, so we got the avocado veggie sub. For another, they have potato wedges, which you can get sprinkled with salt, basil, cheese powder, or BBQ powder. Yum!!

Milkissimo 001r

We had the joy of trying Japanese gelato at Milkissimo. it was super good! I got the kabocha and the caramel macchiato.

Jagaimo 002r

There was a shop that sold many flavors of croquette. After asking the lady which ones were vegetarian, I ordered two of her suggestions – the butter and the cheese. They were both good, but the cheese was amazing.

Hotel Breakfast 001r

Our hotel had breakfast, so each morning, I got a salad and some bread and/or rice.

Grilled corn 002r

Hokkaido grilled corn! A complete steal at 300 yen! (That same grilled corn would cost me 500 yen here in Nagoya!)

On our last day, we were tired and had seen a lot the city had to offer, so we were just hanging out. Teddy suggested getting cake, so he found the Fruitscake Factory.

Fruitscake Factory 004r

I got a pineapple tart.

Fruitscake Factory 001r

Teddy got the Yubari Melon tart.

Both tarts were super delicious. Sadly, this chain exists only in Hokkaido. (Same with the croquettes and gelato!!)

Cake 001r

We also got cake another day at a cafe in Susukino. I got the cheesecake and Teddy got the chocolate cake.

Well, at long last, that is all I have for Hokkaido! My next pictures will likely be of something here in good old Nagoya!


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