Royce’ Chocolate Factory

Royce’ Chocolate is a famous brand of chocolate in Hokkaido. Inside the airport, you could look in at the chocolate factory while you waited for your plane. Make sure that you are aware that in Japan, since it takes only about 5 minutes to get through security, you should not go through way in advance – all the fun stuff is before security in Japan!

Royce Chocolate World 001r

Tempered chocolate being mixed.

Royce Chocolate World 011r

The chocolate is then squirted into molds.

Royce Chocolate World 018r

After being cooled in a cooling chamber, the chocolate is flipped out of the molds in one rapid motion.

Royce Chocolate World 027r

A machine then grabs the molded chocolates and moves them to the next conveyer belt to get ready for packaging.

Royce Chocolate World 036r

A woman in the back inspects the chocolate while a machine in the front packs them into boxes.

Royce Chocolate World 039r

Large sized mold chocolates are made here. The machines in the back temper the chocolate, while the ones into the front spin the chocolate filled molds at a constant pace to create even, hollow chocolates.

Royce Chocolate World 046r

A cute assortment of finished chocolates.

Royce Chocolate World 048r

This is a bit unrelated, but there was a Doraemon area right after the chocolate factory. The cafe there served all Doraemon themed foods, such as these taiyaki (filled pancakes) and cappuccinos!

Well, that is all for the factory. My final post on Hokkaido will be food-related!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Marie Elder
    Jul 13, 2013 @ 21:40:28

    I get hungry when I see your pictures!


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