Otaru, Hokkaido Canal Town

Otaru is a small town northwest of Sapporo. It is about 1 hour by train. We went there on Thursday.

In Japan, all of the different towns have different, cute manhole covers.

Otaru 002r

Otaru’s manhole covers feature cute sea otters!

Otaru 003r

This was the first railroad built in Hokkaido. It was used from 1880 to 1985.

Otaru 006r

Here is a shot I took while walking down the tracks.

Otaru 014r

Along the tracks are beautiful flower beds.

Otaru 037r

One of Otaru’s famous features is its canal.

Otaru 045r

Fishermen on the docks.

Otaru 050r

It was a really misty day. Here is a ship coming into the port.

Otaru 055r

The seagulls waited around the fishermen. One of the fishermen caught a fish that was too small (I guess?) so he fed it to the seagulls. The one gulped it down in one bite – even though it was bigger than its head!

Otaru 064r

The fountain at Canal Park.

Otaru 094r

Here is the canal.

Otaru 129r

This intriguing character is Marimokkori. Marimo are little moss balls that grow in the ocean near Hokkaido. They sell them, but apparently the ones they sell are fakes because the REAL marimo are an endangered plant that is listed as a national treasure. Marimokkori is a popular Hokkaido character. You can buy Marimokkori goods in many places in Hokkaido (though I really saw him mostly in Otaru).

Otaru 137r

This building was in the main square in Otaru.

Otaru 143r

This clock played a song and blew out puffs of steam with each note on the hour.

Otaru 150r

I enjoyed this random cat climbing up a building.

Otaru 155r

This was part of a decoration outside of a bar.

Well, that is all for Otaru! The next post will be about the Nikka Whisky Distillery!


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