Nikka Whisky Distillery

One of our go-to drinks is Japan is Nikka Whisky. It’s an inexpensive and decent blend whisky. Also, it has a fabulous Scotchman mascot. I was super-excited to have a chance to go see the home of my favorite whisky. Even better, it was free!

Nikka Whiskey Distillery 003r

The front of the Nikka Distillery’s gate. Something I thought was neat was the use of the defunct katakana “Wi” (ヰ).

Nikka Whiskey Distillery 005r

And here he is – the mascot of Nikka Whisky!

Nikka Whiskey Distillery 010r

Decorative barrels were displayed throughout the distillery.

Nikka Whiskey Distillery 012r

Here are the bell distillers, distilling the whisky. The ropes are white papers on them are traditional Shinto ropes. They are used to ask protection from the gods, or to separate a sacred space from a regular one.

Nikka Whiskey Distillery 046r

We got to see some of the real barrels, too. Here are some barrels aging whisky. The whisky is aged for 10 years.

Nikka Whiskey Distillery 049r

These are models inside the whisky museum.

Nikka Whiskey Distillery 069r

Various whiskey making tools.

Nikka Whiskey Distillery 072r

These barrels in the museum demonstrated what whisky looks like at various stages of maturation.

There was a large collection of historical Nikka Whisky bottles, which was really cool to see.

Nikka Whiskey Distillery 077r

This bottle is a pair of cranes.

Nikka Whiskey Distillery 079r

Forest animals bottles.

We also got to see what the mascot looked like back in the day, and how he’s changed over time.

Nikka Whiskey Distillery 094r

He looked pretty weird a while back.

Nikka Whiskey Distillery 100r

A doll of the mascot, holding a whisky bottle.

Nikka Whiskey Distillery 109r

You got to choose one free sample, with a choice between Single-barrel, blended, or apple wine. I chose the apple wine. It was sweet and delicious.

Nikka Whiskey Distillery 111r

The garden at the rear gate of the distillery.

Well, that is all for Nikka Whisky! The next post will be about the Royce Chocolate Factory.


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