Sapporo Brewery Museum and Shiroi Koibito Park

Due to bad weather forecasts, we planned our day yesterday around mostly indoor activities. While it did end up raining, it wasn’t too bad, but the factories we saw were pretty cool.

First, we visited the Sapporo Beer Brewery Museum.

Museum outside

The outside of the museum.

Beer town

Inside, there were cute models showing all the parts of the beer making process in a really cute, Japan-esque way.

Stained glass

Beer inspired stained glass window.


They had bottles from many different eras.


They had models of beer making equipment.

Sapporo Logo

The logo of Sapporo is a star.


They had posters of ads from the 1800s until modern times. I enjoyed the drunken, partying elephant.


I guess these are really classy beer pitchers?

Museum paper collage

This cool collage of the museum building is made of paper scraps.


We got to try 3 beers and a delightful onion Babybel-like cheese for only 500 yen! ($5 USD)

The other factory we went to was the Shiroi Koibito Factory – a cookie factory!! This one was an actual factory, rather than a museum.


I think that these cats are the “shiroi koibito”, or “white lovers”, though I’m not sure.


The factory was made up of various cute European style buildings.


The factory’s rose garden.


The clocktower. Every so often, the clocktower opens up and there are cute animal robots that dance around.

Bubble machine

There was a musical bubble machine in the garden, too!


The museum had a bizarre variety of things. There was a beautiful fountain.


Ladies, truer words have never been spoken!


You could actually look down into the cookie factory!

Packaging machine

This machine packaged the completed cookies.


The one floor had beautiful wedding cake models.


We got delicious cupcakes and bizarre drinks. The cupcakes were strawberry flavored and banana flavored. The drink was called cafe chocolat, which to me, implies chocolate flavored coffee. This weird beverage was topped with whipped cream and cornflakes. The bottom was chocolate milk filled with chocolate flavored jelly. It was strange.

Candy stretching

We also got to see women stretching out hard candy.


Before we left, we even got to see the cute robot show!

Well, that is all for the factories. The next post will be about Hokkaido University Botanical Gardens and Odori Koen!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marie Elder
    Jul 10, 2013 @ 14:09:47

    The candy stretch reminds me of my Mother and aunt making taffey when I was a little kid.


  2. Jonathan Caswell
    Jul 12, 2013 @ 23:03:26



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