Hokkaido: The Clock Tower and Nakajima Koen

After visiting the Former Government Office, we headed to the Sapporo Clock Tower and Nakajima Koen.


On the way to the clock tower, we saw this great crow eating some fried chicken. It made me laugh, so I figured I would share!

Cork sculptures

We also saw some fabulous cork sculptures!

Clock tower 1

This is the outside of the clock tower!


This is a model of a welcome dinner for a new teacher. The red meat is deer, and the white meat is swan. I didn’t even know that people ate swan until today, really.

Clock model

This is a model showing how to clock in the tower works.

Clock model 2

Another shot of the model.

Horse carriage

We saw this cute horse carriage outside of the clock tower.

After the clock tower, we went to Nakajima Koen.

Nakajima Koen was creepy on a few levels.

Face biru

For example, this building…


And really, what is up with this creepy tentacle playground???

Fox warning

There was a sign warning you not to feed foxes, but quite sadly, we saw none.


There was a pretty waterfall at Nakajima Koen.


Also, Japan loves moving buildings. They moved this one from Shiga Prefecture to Hokkaido. That’s pretty far, BTW.

Teahouse 2

Inside the teahouse.


The lake at Nakajima Koen.


Teddy at Nakajima Koen.


Me at Nakajima Koen.

Nakajima Crow

A crow at Nakajima Koen.

The next, and last, post for today, will be about Hokkaido Shrine and Moiwa Mountain!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barb Lange
    Jul 08, 2013 @ 21:30:04

    Beautiful pictures! The crow is sort of scary, and he looks gigantic!


  2. Marie Elder
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 14:52:25

    Is he related to a vulture? Looks scary, indeed!


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