This weekend, our boss took 7 of us to the beach for one of our coworker’s birthdays! We went to Himakajima, which was a little over an hour by car. It’s still in Aichi-ken, the prefecture we live in.


This lovely octopus greeted us. Apparently, this area is famous for octopus, and they use these crazy vase-traps to capture them.


The octopus is even featured on the manhole covers!


I thought that this shrine looked really pretty in the trees.


While walking around the island, we came upon this car. It was totally covered – inside and out – with morning glories.


Some parts of the beach were beautiful and clear, but the side that faced the mainland was gross, murky and full of jellyfish!


This lady was gathering some type of shellfish.


This swing was supposed to be lucky, especially for love. We all took turns riding it, except for our boss and her daughter.



Me on the swing. Isn’t it beautiful how pale my legs are compared to my arms?


One of our preschool teachers.


Teddy on the swing.


Our newest teacher!

We saw a lot of cool wildlife on the island, too!


A crane or a heron.


This hawk was giving us the eye.


A pretty white bird fishing.


We all got in for an octopus picture!

Fugu manhole

A blowfish manhole cover.

Ice cream

We had packed a bento since we knew there would not be much for us to eat, but since everyone was going to the restaurant, we got ice cream and coffee. I got pineapple!!

Shabu shabu

One of the teachers got octopus shabu shabu, a dish that is kind of like broth based fondue. You cook your meat by dipping it into broth.


Our boss arranged for us to pet dolphins!! Here is Sophie, the dolphin.

Dolphin petting

Here we are, petting the dolphin.

dolphin petting

Here we are, waiting for the dolphin.


Here are me and Teddy, petting the dolphin.


A specialty of the area is dried octopus. Here are two drying. They were really big!!

That is all for now. Tomorrow, we will fly to Hokkaido for 5 days, so look forward to Hokkaido pictures soon!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marie Elder
    Jul 06, 2013 @ 14:03:08

    Nice pictures..you and Teddy look good….Miss you!


  2. Barb Lange
    Jul 08, 2013 @ 02:24:19

    Ditto on Marie’s message! The morning glories are beautiful!


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