Foods of the World in Nagoya

You can get many different types of food in Nagoya. Which is good, because you can usually get veg-friendly food at international restaurants.

In Takaoka, there is a Moroccan restaurant called Casablanca. Their website mentioned that they had a good selection of vegetarian dishes, so we headed there.


We got some beautiful mixed drinks.

Eggplant dip

For an appetizer, we ordered an eggplant and tomato dip with Moroccan bread. It was delicious!


Next, we ordered the falafel plate. The falafel was super good and had a great texture. It came with a yummy lentil salad, as well as a green salad.


For our main dish, we got the Loobie tajine without meat. It was good, but the beans needed to be cooked a bit more.

One weekend while sightseeing, we found a little Indian restaurant called Eikokuya (Which is funny, because Eikoku is England). They had a decent selection of vegetarian curries, so that was nice.


We got the Chana Masala and Banana Curry with vegetable stuffed naan.

There is a small Japanese Italian restaurant at the train station closest to our apartment. It is called Gratzie. It was a very Japanese place, but it was pretty good!


The pizza had a very thin crust, but luckily it wasn’t cracker-esque like many Japanese pizza crusts are. However, it did have mayonnaise in there, which to non-Japanese people, is pretty weird. Despite that, it was decent pizza.

Kabocha gnocchi

We got Kabocha gnocchi next, which was downright delicious.

Coffee Float

Teddy got a cute coffee float for dessert.

In light of how many kebab places are in Nagoya, we have been stunned by the lack of falafel, but luckily for us, a NEW kebab place opened in Osu Kannon, and THEY serve falafel. They are called Herb Kebab.

Herb Kebab

Now, of course, this falafel wasn’t as good as the falafel from Casablanca, but it was much cheaper. The sauce on the pita was also distinctly Japanese (it was a mayonnaise base). This falafel is a really great lunch option, as we got 2 drinks, 2 half-pitas, and 2 orders of fried potatoes for only 1400 yen.

Another place that has many branches in Nagoya, one of which is in Osu Kannon, is Jerry’s Uno. Jerry’s Uno is a J-Mex place.

Burritos and Curly Fries

We got bean burritos and cinnamon curly fries. Their burritos are pretty decent, but they ALSO have a mayonnaise based sauce. I swear – Japanese people just cannot get enough of mayonnaise. The fries were to die for.

This weekend, my boss took me and two of the girls from school out to a tea ceremony and to see a castle. She also took us to lunch at an organic cafe. It was in between lunch and dinner, so we all got small snacks.

English Muffin Sandwich

I got a homemade English muffin with bananas and honey. Yum!

We got some yummy cake, also in Osu Kannon. I can never remember the name of the cafe though, so you will just have to wonder. 😀 Sorry!


I got real, legit cheesecake. Most cheesecake in Japan is “rare cheesecake”. It’s not rare as in unusual – it’s no-bake cheesecake. And I’m sorry, but no-bake cannot compare to the real deal. Even better, this cheesecake had flakes of REAL vanilla bean. Yummy!

White chocolate mousse cake

Teddy got a white chocolate mousse strawberry shortcake, which was also quite delightful.

One day, we headed to Pupu Kitchen, and to our delight, we happened upon it on a chef’s special day. So we got to have a special 4 course meal!

Course 1

Herbed potatoes, carrot salad, and bread was the first course.

Course 2

Course 2 was a coriander and lemon soup. It was kind of upsetting to Teddy, since he had to pick out all the cilantro, but I love cilantro and was in my glory. 🙂

Course 3

Next, we had a miso-mayonnaise (I’m not joking) glazed zucchini with a lentil stew and rice. The stew had a nice Mexican flavor. I think this was the best course.

Course 4

The last course was dessert. It was a custard with real melon pieces in it. It was really, really yummy, and I was super happy to get melon because it is really expensive here.

Well, that is all for now. The next post will be about Furukawaen and Nitaaji.


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  1. Barb Lange
    Jul 01, 2013 @ 12:56:21

    The food looks wonderful……I and you both have lost weight!! Japan is wonderful!


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