Monday in Kyoto: Shokubutsuen, Shimogamo, and Kiyomizudera

Monday, we headed up to our old home, Sakyo-ku. We had cake at Clientele, and then went to the Kyoto Botanical Gardens (Kyoto Shokubutsuen).

Purple flowers

Pretty purple flowers.


A really cool bonsai growing around a rock.


I totally captured the bee by accident while trying to photograph the flower!

Crow and Hawk

For some reason, this crow got it in his mind that he should keep attacking and harassing this hawk??

Blue flowers

These pretty flowers were a really pretty indigo.

Purple flowers

These are a purple version of the previous flowers.


One of the fountains at Kyoto Shokubutsuen.

Striped bamboo

I thought this striped bamboo was the coolest thing ever!!

Curly flowers

I like how these flowers are curly at the base!

Tulip reflections

I thought it was really pretty the way that these tulips reflected in the water.


After the gardens, we walked through our old neighborhood, heading towards Shimogamo Jinja. On our way to the shrine, we passed by our old house. This little stream was near our house.


We saw this cute caterpillar crawling around on the moss covered wall that surrounds Tadasu-no-mori.

Shimogamo Jinja, which was built in the 6th century, is located in northeastern Kyoto. It is located in Tadasu-no-mori, an ancient forest.

Shimogamo gate

This is the main gate into Shimogamo Shrine.


A shot of the main gate from inside the shrine.

Boys Day Dolls 1

We visited the shrine on the day after Children’s Day. Children’s Day was previously known as Boys’ Day before it became a national holiday. These dolls are a Boys’ Day display.

The next three shots are close-ups of the dolls on display:


This is the top tier.

2nd tier left

This is the left hand side of the second tier.

2nd tier right

This is the right hand side of the second tier.


This is a shot of the river right after exiting Shimogamo Jinja.

There are many cute swallows (tsubame) in Japan. We found a nest!


Here is the mommy bird!


This is one of the babies. There were at least two.


Here is the daddy!

After seeing the shrine and the birds, we went to Falafel Garden, where we ate delicious falafel. We then headed to Kiyomizudera.

Kiyomizudera was founded in 798, but its previous buildings were built in 1633. A really cool thing about this temple is its construction – not ONE nail is used. It’s made by carefully fitting together wooden joints. The name Kiyomizu comes from the water that runs down the mountain (which you can drink). Kiyomizu means “pure water”. A note: Kiyomizudera is currently under construction. One entire building is obscured, so if you can wait to make a trip there, you should. Otherwise, go for it, because it’s beautiful just the same.


The pagoda at Kiyomizudera.

Bell Tower

The bell tower at Kiyomizudera.

Pagoda 2

The pagoda from another angle.

Second pagoda

There is a separate pagoda that you can see from the viewing deck of the temple.

Viewing deck

This is the viewing deck and the first pagoda.

Another angle

This is a straight on angle of the same view.


It was pretty hot, so I needed to get some kakigoori (shaved ice). I got strawberry-milk. Teddy doesn’t like shaved ice much, so he got mitarashi dango instead.

Well, that was all for our Kyoto trip! I hope you enjoyed it!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marie Elder
    May 10, 2013 @ 18:23:01

    Great pictures!


  2. Barb Lange
    May 13, 2013 @ 22:01:51

    What a perfect place to spend your birthday! Your pictures are spectacular!


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