The Delicious Food of Kyoto

Something wonderful about Kyoto is the quality of the food you can get there. Since we have seen pretty much every big sight and many small ones in Kyoto, one of the things we looked forward to the most, actually, was eating the food there.

We went to our favorite cafe, Cafe Proverbs 15:17, twice. Proverbs is a vegan cafe at Hyakumanben. It is easily accessible from Demachiyanagi-eki on the Keihan Line, or by one of the many buses that comes to Hyakumanben.


The first time we went, we got one of our favorite appetizers, the Peanut Satay.

Taiwan Noodles

We also got the Taiwan-style yakisoba. It was yummy, too.


We also got the “niku”jaga. It was good!


Teddy got a coffee and I got Berry Tea. The tea was super yummy!

We went back again on Saturday.


This time, we got their seasonally flavored gyoza.

Veggie Soymilk Ramen

We both ordered the veggie soymilk ramen. It’s my favorite dish on their menu!

We also visited Sunshine Cafe. Sunshine Cafe is right inside the Sanjo-facing exit of the Sanjo Cupola shopping street. It is an organic cafe that is very vegetarian and vegan friendly.


We got their veggie sides platter to share.

Crispy tempeh

Their cripsy tempeh sticks were absolutely amazing!

Tofu Steak

We both got tofu steak. I was really irritated about the nori, because nori was not even mentioned on the menu. If there is something I hate, it’s anything that even remotely tastes like the ocean. We picked it all off, and then it was delicious. 😀

Something that BLOWS MY MIND about Nagoya is how many chain restaurants and stores just either 1. do not exist here, or 2. are rare. For example, there are only TWO Jankara karaoke. In the whole city. For comparison, there are 3 Jankara on Sanjo alone within 2 blocks of each other in Kyoto. The closest Yamaya, a great import store, is a 1 hour ride away from our apartment. There are 2 in Kyoto. Kyoto is the 6th biggest city, while Nagoya is the 3rd.

One such restaurant is Capricciosa. There are ZERO in Nagoya and like 3 in the whole prefecture. Capricciosa is an absolutely delicious Italian chain restaurant in Japan. I love it. So, we ate there while we were in Kyoto.

We got the couple dinner, which comes with a salad, a pizza, a pasta dish, and 2 drinks for around 3500 yen.


We got the green house salad.


We got the pizza margherita. I love Capricciosa’s pizza.


For our pasta, we got the garlic and tomato pasta. It was super good.

The best cake shop I have ever eaten at in Japan is Clientele. When you order the cake set, not only do you get cake and a drink, you also get three cookies!!! It’s about 800-900 yen. To get to Clientele, take the Karasuma Line to Kitayama-eki, take exit one, and head to your right (stay on Kitayama Street). Walk a few blocks until you reach the green awning. Clientele is written in white English letters on the green awning.

San Marc

This is the San Marc cake set.


This is the Savarin cake set (my favorite!)

On Monday, we ate at Falafel Garden, which is a 2 minute walk south from Demachiyanagi-eki (come out of the Eizan railway exit). We went there often when we were living in Kyoto, but when we went back to visit, we went there and the food was just no good. We decided to give them another chance, and I’m glad we did. It was delicious. Also, I was able to buy a lifetime supply of tahini (900 grams) for 1400 yen. I have not been able to find tahini anywhere in Nagoya.


We both got the lunch set. Falafel, fries, and a drink for less than 1000 yen. Yay!

Sunday (sorry, totally going out of order!) we met up with Miriam, a JET we met at a going away JETAA party in Pittsburgh. She is vegan, so we showed her the magically hidden gem, Mikoan. You better have a GPS, a friend who knows where they’re going, or a good map if you want to find it. Mikoan is a cute little shop in some lady’s house. Her cats wander all around the restaurant. She makes a ton of dishes each day, and purposely gives everyone in your party different dishes so you can all share and sample a bunch of different dishes.

Spring Rolls

Miriam got the spring roll set.

Gyoza Set

Teddy got the gyoza set, which I had never tried.

Karaage set

I got the karaage set – my absolute favorite!!

That’s all for the food! If you ever find yourself in Kyoto, be sure to check these places out! You’ll be glad you did.


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  1. Barb Lange
    May 09, 2013 @ 17:55:31

    Thanks for sharing…Clientele desserts look fabulous!


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