Ran no Yakata

We had planned to go to Asuke today, but were a bit too tired to actually pull ourselves from bed before 11, so we gave up on that, since it’s about 2 hours each way. Instead, we found a pretty orchid garden nearby.

First, we set out for lunch. We wanted to eat at Pagina, a yummy looking pizzeria, but they told me that they were full, and if we didn’t have a reservation, we were SOL. So, we walked for a bit, and ran into Subway. BTW, Japanese Subway > American Subway. They have fries.


After eating our absolutely delicious Subway, we continued on to Ran no Yakata.

When we first got there, this hilarious Japanese guy told us all about this picture of a stump he was drawing and how he was going to draw his face into the stump. Then, he showed us the orchid that had been cut from the stump he was drawing. Then he had some guy take our picture while he pretended to re-explain about the orchid. I think he worked there, but who knows. All I know is that I attract all types of interesting people without even trying.

Orchids 1

Some pretty purple orchids.

Yellow orchids

Some pale yellow orchids.

Purple orchids

Spotted purple orchids.


Pink Striped orchids.

orchids x2

Two types of orchids.

Orchids profile

Profile of some orchids.

Bunny succulents

Succulent plants with cute bunnies throughout.

Fish sculpture

A cute fish sculpture in the garden.

Bamboo grove gargoyle

A gargoyle in a bamboo grove.

Gargoyle 2

Another gargoyle in the garden.


Turtles looking out across a small pond with waterfalls.


Some cute leaves. They look red all year round!


Turtle family hanging out at the garden.

Lurking cat

Cute cat lawn decoration.


We got two 200 yen off coupons with our admission. We bought yummy parfaits with them.

Well that is all for now! Next weekend, we will make our grand return to Kyoto! I don’t know if I will post while we are there, but look forward to seeing pictures sometime after next weekend!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Barb Lange
    May 07, 2013 @ 14:14:59

    It looks like you had a perfect day! Jen your flower pictures are spectacular!


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