Food and Gardening

This year I’m taking the plunge into super urban gardening with my balcony container garden. It’s pretty fabulous, if I do say so myself.


My indoor friends. These are called “saboten” in Japanese.

Acquired Plant

I acquired this plant from our temporary apartment. The previous teachers had left it in the kitchen, so when we moved, I brought it along. It’s grown a lot since February.


This is my herb, flower, fruit, and vegetable garden. We have:

Back row (L to R): Corn, two pots of red cherry tomatoes, 1 other type of red cherry tomato, 1 yellow cherry tomato, hot pepper, hydrangea, and another corn.

Middle row (L to R): Basil, Cilantro and parsley (1 pot together), and rosemary.

Front row (L to R): Spinach, Baby strawberries, Zucchini, Apple mint, and Thyme.

Impressive, right?

In other apartment news, I made this yummy Italian bread from my pizza dough recipe:


Now, for some delightful restaurant food.

In our quest to try all the Mexican places in Nagoya, we tried one of the many branches of Jerry’s Uno last weekend.


We tried their margarita. It tasted like margarita mix. The best margarita award goes to Los Tacos.

Bean and Cheese chips

We got the bean and cheese dip with chips for an appetizer. It was pretty good, but the flour chips were more like toasted tortilla than chips.


This is a “pizza”. And here I thought I was the only weirdo to make a pizza on a tortilla! We got the garlic pizza with corn and jalapenos added. The cook did not play when it came to jalapenos. He almost outspiced ME, which is impressive. It tasted like an open faced quesadilla, so it was pretty decent.

Bean and rice tacos

We also got the bean and rice tacos with avocado added. There was also lettuce and mayonnaise inside. I was really taken aback by the mayo at first, but it actually didn’t taste too super weird. Sour cream is pretty rare here, and Japanese mayo actually has a similar tang, so I think that is what they were going for.

Yuya Cafe

We both got the curry rice set. The fritters were supposed to be seafood flavored. They were okay, but not as good as the croquettes we’ve had there. The curry was really good.


We went to Desparados for dinner on Saturday. We tried their margarita on the rocks, and it was better than the frozen one, but as I said before, the best margarita we’ve had here was at Los Tacos. We also got the burritos again because they were delicious. We got these quesadillas with spicy sauce for an appetizer. They were tomato and basil, and they were yummy.


We stopped at Crepe Ojisan yesterday afternoon for a quick snack. Teddy got an egg and cheese crepe, which he said wasn’t that fabulous, and I got a strawberry ice cream and banana crepe. The dessert crepe was good, and it was a pretty cheap place – we both got crepes and drink for about 1000 yen.

That is all for the food. The next post will be about the Old Iwakura Road.


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  1. Barb Lange
    Apr 22, 2013 @ 18:07:13

    Why is the soil so red? That is a really cute koala bear.


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