Atsuta Jingu

Today, Teddy and I went to Atsuta Jingu, the second most sacred shrine in Japan (the most sacred one is Ise). Atsuta Jingu is about 15 minutes by train from our apartment. It is 1900 years old.

Atsuta Jingu 1

One of the buildings at Atsuta Jingu.

Sacred Tree

This tree is encircled by a rope called “shimenawa”. This rope is used to mark a sacred space. When wrapped around a tree, it is because the tree is thought to be inhabited by “kodama”, a type of spirit. It is bad luck to hurt these trees or to cut them down.


These are sake barrels from various breweries.

Lantern and Torii

A lantern in front of a torii (the gates that mark the entrances to sacred areas of shrines).

Giant Torii

Me in front of the main torii. For reference, I’m 5’4″ (162.5 cm) tall.

Me and torii

A close-up of me and the torii.


A bridge at Atsuta Jingu.

Ducks and turtles

Ducks and turtles resting on a rock at Atsuta Jingu.

Angry Bird

A real-life angry bird!

Teddy and lantern

Teddy in front of a large lantern.


There was a wedding at the shrine today. The girl dressed in red and white is a shrine maiden, and the woman in white is the bride.

Shrine Maidens

Shrine workers.

Water rock

You had to make a wish, then hit the rock with water three times to make it come true. It was difficult.

Atsuta Shrine

A building at Atsuta Shrine.


An entryway into one of the buildings at the shrine.


For some reason, there were three roosters wandering around the shrine.

Rooster 2

Another shot of the roosters.

After visiting the shrine, we walked around the general area.

This one temple had many crow scarers.

Cat crow scare

This scarecrow is a cat.


A lantern at one of the small temples.


Temple roofs often have strange faces in them.

Mizuko statue

This statue was at a Mizuko shrine. Mizuko means “water child” and these shrines are for children who died prior to or shortly after birth.

That is all for Atsuta! The next post will be about Shirotori Garden!


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  1. Barb Lange
    Apr 14, 2013 @ 04:54:45

    Love the cat scarecrow! Is that the oldest shrine you have seen in Japan?


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