Delights of Nagoya

This weekend, we managed to hit 2 vegan places, a cafe, and an Italian restaurant. I also cooked a delicious meal tonight. I will now share that with all of you.

Friday, we went to this place within walking distance of our apartment called “Yuya Cafe”. It is a really small, quiet restaurant. The guy was super happy to see us. When we told him we actually lived in Nagoya and were not just visiting, he was super happy. It was kind of weird, but sweet. I added him to Happy Cow to spread the love.

Curry Set

Teddy got the Curry Set.

Higawari Set

I got the Higawari Set, which basically means “Set of the Day”.

I just want to share this bit of information with all of you. Everyone always says, “Oh, Japan is so expensive.” It isn’t. Tokyo is expensive. The other parts of Japan just aren’t. Those meals cost about $10 a piece. I’m not saying that everywhere is that cheap, but it is totally possible to get a delicious meal for $10-20 or less if you know where to look. (And you do not have to look hard).

Electronics on the other hand… Watch out. A new iPhone will set you back $800. Even flip phones can cost $400. We got smart phones because they cost the same as the flip phones.

In our search for Wi-Fi (our Internet was on the fritz this weekend), we tried out a very close cafe called “Eternal”. (We figured if they had wi-fi, they’d be close enough to use from home.) They didn’t, but they are cheap, and have morning sets we can eat. We only ordered drinks, but got all of this for about 800 yen ($8).


We got our drinks, sponge cake, and a savory rice cracker and peanut snack.

We went to Pupu Kitchen for lunch. They have a set lunch where there is only one choice, but it was a good choice.

Pupu Kitchen

The meal was minestrone, cauliflower and bell pepper pickles, carrot salad, herbed potatoes, and a veggie sandwich.


You could also get black tea or coffee and a lemon muffin for dessert.

BTW, this meal was 1200 yen per person ($12).

We tried to go to a vegan restaurant for dinner, but that was a fail because they don’t do dinner on Saturdays, so we went to Pasta de Pasta at the mall near us. I do not recommend it.

Salad Soup

We got the salad set.

The first course was salad and soup. The soup is just chicken bouillon, so we didn’t eat that. Just the salad. The dressing was pretty good.

One of us got the margherita pizza and the other got the tomato and garlic pasta so we could share. The pasta was okay, but not great. The flavor of the pizza was good, but the crust was about half as thick as a saltine, so it wasn’t too filling.

Pasta Pizza

This meal was 1500 per person. We also got wine, at least. But we don’t think we’ll go there again.

Tofu Tacos

Tonight I made Tofu Tacos. I based my recipe off of Mad Mex’s. I made an avocado sauce from avocado, honey, lime juice and cilantro in a blender. I deep fried the tofu cubes, and then glazed them with a teriyaki sauce made from 10 ml of mirin, 5 ml of soy sauce, a splash of lime juice, a tablespoon of sugar, and a sprinkle of garlic powder, oregano, and cumin. I put both of those in the tortillas, and served them with tomato cooked rice, spicy crockpot black beans, guacamole and pico de gallo. They were fabulous. I encourage you to make them.

That is all for now. I hope you enjoyed my barrage of postings!


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  1. Barb Lange
    Apr 07, 2013 @ 17:12:32

    Everything looks really tasty, the pasta and pizza, too!


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