The part of Nagoya that we live in is called Nishi-ku, which is in the north-west corner of Nagoya. We can actually walk to the next town if we go about 1.5-2 kilometers.

I took these pictures last weekend while walking around the area.


Here is our picnic food for our hanami (cherry blossom viewing picnic).


Cherry blossoms (sakura).

Hoshi Jinja 1

The gate to Hoshi Jinja, a shrine right outside Shonai Ryokuchi Park.

Enma plaque

An enma plaque. This is a type of prayer placard. You write your wish on the back. I think that this is a “bonding” plaque, which wishes for a good relationship with your significant other.

Cleansing Fountain

This is a fountain where you cleanse your hands and mouth.

Hoshi Jinja 2

This is the inside of the shrine at Hoshi Jinja.

The next post will be about this past weekend!


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