Higashiyama Zoo with Yuko

On Sunday, we met other friends, Yuko and her family, at the Higashiyama Zoo. Yuko also lived in Pittsburgh, and we met her through Takami.

Yukos Family

Me with Yuko and her three children – Mana, Yui, and Rikuto.


A Japanese crow.


A black swan. The name for swan is “Hakucho” in Japanese, which means “White Bird” (even if they are black, apparently).


An elephant (Zou).

Elephant 2

Another elephant shot.

Lion Family

This lion couple has three 10 month old cubs. Lion is said almost the same in Japanese and English (but with an R instead of an L).

Daddy and Baby

Baby wants to play!

Head biter

Daddy says, “No!”


And then, the daddy lion runs away to go sleep some more!


A zebra. They’re called “Shima-uma”, or “striped horse” in Japanese.


Flamingos! Their name is almost the same in Japanese, too – it’s just said with a Japanese accent.


Tigers are “tora”.

Sky Tower

We went up the Higashiyama Sky Tower, which is right outside of the zoo.


I forget what type of bear this is. Bear are called kuma.


Another kind of kuma!

Giraffe and Ostriches

A giraffe (kirin) and two ostriches (dacho) coversing.


The ostrich did NOT like what the giraffe had to say!


A koala. Their name is almost the same in Japanese as it is in English.

Sea Lion

A sea lion taking a nap!

Kishimen Mana

Mana eating kishimen, a special Nagoyan noodle.

Yui Kishimen

Yui with her kishimen.



Being vegetarians, we ended up with a bit of a strange lunch.


These are mitarashi dango. They are soft, sticky rice balls, similar to a dense marshmallow in texture, glazed with a sweet teriyaki sauce and then grilled. They are really good!

French Fries

With our dango, we had French Fries…


…and Anman, a steamed bun filled with sweet red beans.


Next, we saw giant turtles (kame).

Rikuto and Jen Turtle

Me and Rikuto, posing with the turtle shell sculpture.

Giant Anteater

I never realized how fabulous and hilarious-looking giant anteaters were.

Baby Capybara

A baby capybara. He or she was born in December.

Prairie Dog

A prairie dog, eating some grass.

Well, that is all for now!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Barb Lange
    Mar 25, 2013 @ 22:47:27

    Beautiful pictures, Jen! It looks like the cherry blossoms are in bloom. I’m so glad you are meeting up with old and NEW friends!


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