Nagoya Station and Osu Kannon

Hello again! Amazingly, my “borrowed” connection is once again working, so now I can share an update from the comfort of my own apartment!

This time, I will share two areas of Nagoya with you: Nagoya Station Area, and Osu Kannon Area.

We can access Nagoya Station via the Meitetsu Train Line or by using the subway (though, that requires a transfer).

Crab restaurant

This is simply a store front that I found amusing.


A cute, shaped shrub near the station.

Twisty building

A cool building near the station.

Station Angel

An angel in the wall of the station building.

We went to Nagoya Station right after we first arrived. There really isn’t a ton around there.

Osu Kannon is a traditional area with covered shopping arcades and temples and shrines. We went there last weekend.

This first picture is actually near Nagoya Castle, which we have yet to see…


Nagoya City Hall.

Cat Pants

We saw these fabulous cat pants in the Osu Kannon shopping arcades.

Alpaca Shop

There was a shop that sold all alpaca-related goods.


This is some sort of mascot that was just kind of waving at everyone.

St Patricks Parade 1

We had the interesting experience of seeing a St. Patrick’s Day parade, too! Here is a Japanese man playing the bagpipes!

St Patricks Day Paradde 2

Another shot of the parade.

St Patricks Day Parade 3

The Guinness Beer section.

Next is Osu Kannon Temple (which, actually, we went to first).

Osu Kannon 1

The outside of Osu Kannon.

Precious Moments Buddhas

Cute little Buddhas. They reminded us of the Precious Moments statues…

Osu Kannon 3

A cool mural on the side of a building that faces the temple.

Osu Kannon 4

This shot was taken right outside the main temple hall.

Osu puppy

A dog waiting for its owner at Osu Kannon.

Osu Hatto

At Osu Kannon, you can feed the pigeons. I was kind of afraid they would poop on my head, but they didn’t! Grandma would have freaked out!!

Jena nd Pigeons

Me with the pigeons again.


Some statues at Osu Kannon Temple.


An Inari Shrine at Osu Kannon.

Small temple

There are many shrines and temples in the area. Here is a horse statue at one of them.


Some cherry blossoms.

Maneki Neko

This is called a Maneki Meko in Japanese.

The Maneki Neko led us to a neko cafe.

Neko Cafe 1

At a neko cafe, you pay a certain amount per 30 minutes or per hour to play with cats. Here is a cute Scottish Fold.

Neko Cafe 2

Another Neko Cafe resident.

Neko Cafe 3

This cat loved Teddy.

Hidden Temple

We found a hidden temple!

Cleansing fountain

At temples and shrines, they have fountains to cleanse your hands and mouth.


On the hour, they have some mechanical puppets pop out of the wall and do a show for about 5 minutes.

Well, that is all for now!


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  1. Marie Elder
    Mar 24, 2013 @ 15:13:07

    Beautiful pictures! You’re right, the birds would have freaked me out!
    All the cats love Teddy……Happy Easter. Love, Gran


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