Delicious Delights of Nagoya!

Since I have not been able to post much up until now, I have quite the backlog of delicious foods to share. Unfortunately, we have not yet eaten at a real vegetarian restaurant, though I think I may have found one in our ward. Once we try it out, I will post about that, too. Until then, here’s some of the delicious meals and cakes we have enjoyed.

First, I will share the savory!

Our coworker who is training us took us to a delicious Indian restaurant called The Naan Master! We both got the Dinner Vegetable Set:

Soup and salad

Soup and Salad.




The naan is gigantic!

Vegetable Curry

Vegetable Curry




If you get the lunch set, you get soup, naan, curry, and dessert!

We found this Mexican restaurant, Los Tacos, in the Sakae area with our phones!




The vegetables tacos were pretty Japanese – they had a piece of pumpkin tenpura in them – but they were delicious!


We also got quesadillas. They were deep fried, which I thought was odd, but they were good, too.

While in the Nagoya Station area, we found a good pizza place that has a real, wood-burning oven.


Margherita Pizza

Veg Pizza

Cheeseless vegetable pizza. This pizza was the better of the two.

Last Friday, our coworker took us to an American restaurant in Nagakute, a neighboring city. The chef made us homemade veggie burgers!

Onion Rings

REAL onion rings!!!!!

Veg Burger

Veggie Burger!

While walking around Osu Kannon this weekend, we saw a sign for fried pizza. Of course, we had to try it.


We got margherita and quattro formaggio. They were okay, but we probably wouldn’t get them again.

Now, onto the sweets!

Chez Kobe 1

Chez Kobe 2

These cakes are from Chez Kobe in the Sakae area. I found it with my phone! They actually had real, American-style cheesecake! Usually Japanese cheesecake is either no-bake, or some really strange cream-cheese flavored sponge cake.

Souffle Pancakes

I have been wanting to try these souffle pancakes for weeks! This is the special seasonal variety. They were super delicious, and tasted similar to waffles.

Kotokoto Cafe 1

Kotokoto Cafe 2

We sampled these cakes at the mall. They were yummy.

Mori no Cafe 1

Mori no Cafe 2

These cakes are from Mori no Cafe, an organic cafe recommended by our boss. The first is toasted pumpkin bread, and the second is chocolate cake.

Tonyuu Donuts

These doughnuts are made from soymilk. They are the only doughnuts I have found in Japan that taste like real, risen doughnuts.

Sakura Cake

Osu Kannon 2

We got these cakes at a shop in the Osu Kannon area.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the delicious food! My next post will be about things we have seen in Nagoya!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barb Lange
    Mar 20, 2013 @ 17:34:20

    Your apartment looks very modern and comfortable. I like how it looks on the outside also. The food, especially the desserts, look wonderful!!


  2. Mom
    Mar 24, 2013 @ 15:02:00

    The food looks great! Love those desserts! You’re right about Grandma probably freaking out about the pigeons…I might have too! I didn’t show Tigger and Bandit the pictures of Teddy with the cat. They would have been jealous!


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