Nagoya Castle and Sakae

We tried to see Nagoya Castle 2 weeks ago, but got there just as it closed. Last weekend, we were to busy to go. We finally got a chance this Saturday. I was so glad that we were delayed. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom this weekend, and the castle grounds looked absolutely beautiful.



Higashiyama Zoo with Yuko

On Sunday, we met other friends, Yuko and her family, at the Higashiyama Zoo. Yuko also lived in Pittsburgh, and we met her through Takami.


Shonai Ryokuchi Koen and Visit from Takami

Near our apartment is a very large park called Shonai Ryokuchi Koen which, incidentally, is also the name of our closest subway stop – I’m pretty sure that it’s the longest name of all the subway stops! We’ve gone to this park the last two weeks to have hanami, including this past Saturday.



The part of Nagoya that we live in is called Nishi-ku, which is in the north-west corner of Nagoya. We can actually walk to the next town if we go about 1.5-2 kilometers.

I took these pictures last weekend while walking around the area.


Nagoya Station and Osu Kannon

Hello again! Amazingly, my “borrowed” connection is once again working, so now I can share an update from the comfort of my own apartment!

This time, I will share two areas of Nagoya with you: Nagoya Station Area, and Osu Kannon Area.


Delicious Delights of Nagoya!

Since I have not been able to post much up until now, I have quite the backlog of delicious foods to share. Unfortunately, we have not yet eaten at a real vegetarian restaurant, though I think I may have found one in our ward. Once we try it out, I will post about that, too. Until then, here’s some of the delicious meals and cakes we have enjoyed.


Welcome to Our Apartment!

Well, we have been in Japan for a little over a month now.  For the first couple of weeks, we were living in a temporary apartment.  We moved into our permanent apartment on March 8th.  I didn’t take pictures of it until yesterday because of all of the moving garbage.

You see, in Japan, they have some really serious rules about disposing of your garbage.  You are not allowed to put it outside before garbage day.  You have to divide the garbage into tons of groups, too.  (Burnable garbage, non-burnable garbage, paper, plastic, Pet bottles, cans, glass bottles, oversized garbage, cardboard, and newspaper.)  So, I had tons of garbage all over the place until recently.

Onto the pictures!

Front Apartment

This is the front of our building.

Apt Back

This is the back of our apartment building. We are on the second floor, way in the left hand corner.


This is our hallway. We are the first door.


This is our genkan (entrance).

Shoe box

This is our shoe box.

Washing Machine

This is our washing machine and the rack that we put together to make our lives more organized.


This is the shower/bathroom. The shower head is behind the door.


This is our sink (it sits right in front of the washing machine and to the right of the entrance).


This is our toilet room. It is to the left of the entrance.


This is our kitchen. it’s nice, big, and bright!

Kitchen 2

This is our kitchen, as seen from the balcony side. Note the 4 garbage cans! (We just throw all the bottles and cans in one and sort them later.)

Balcony View

The view from our balcony.

Our balcony

Our clothes drying on the balcony.

Kotatsu Room

Our kotatsu room.

Kotatsu Room 2

Our kotatsu room from the bedroom.

Bedroom 1

Our bedroom closets.

Kotatsu 3

Another shot of the kotatsu room.


My guitar for school. This all came together for 10,000 yen (about $100).

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our apartment! The next post will be about yummy restaurant food!