Moving to Nagoya!

Hello, and welcome to mine and Teddy’s newest adventure.  On February 15, 2013, we will be boarding a plane bound for Narita International Airport to begin our new life in Nagoya, Japan.  Teddy is a computer programmer looking for a change of pace; I’m a public school teacher looking for a change of scenery.

This is not our first time in Japan – from 2007-2008, we lived in Kyoto while I worked as a JET Programme ALT.  We came back to the US and settled into our lives – Teddy as a Programmer, and me as a teacher (preschool, elementary, and finally – Japanese, grades 3-12).  After visiting Japan again in 2011, we felt pretty sure that we’d like to have another long-term Japan experience, so here we are, about to set off on our new adventure.

Teddy and I will be living in Nagoya, where we will work at an International School – me as a full-time elementary teacher, and Teddy as a part-time preschool teacher.

We look forward to sharing our adventures with all of you.  Yoroshiku onegai-shimasu!