Biking to Kinkazan!

Last Sunday, Teddy and I biked to Kinkazan… a little more than 30 km one way. I sure was tired after THAT!


Cherry Blossoms at Nagoya Castle and more

This spring has been unusually rainy, so unfortunately, we did not get to take full advantage of the cherry blossoms. However, we got a very nice morning 2 weeks ago and took full advantage.


Honensai 2015 NSFW

Today, Amanda and I biked 14 Km to Komaki to attend Honensai, an interesting festival. This festival is NSFW. It contains carvings and other artificial representations of penises.


Odaka Ryokuchi Koen and Arimatsu

Yesterday, Teddy and I biked 46 kilometers. In our travels, we visited Odaka Ryokuchi Koen and Arimatsu.


Nabana no Sato

Our friends Nico and Fernando invited us to go see Nabano no Sato’s winter illumination with them last weekend.


Cooking with Friends!

I’m sure everyone has noticed, but cooking with friends is probably one of my favorite activities!!


Christmas Part Two

We carried our celebration of Christmas through much of December, finally capping it off Friday at school (Bible Camp).


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