Fun with Friends!

We have been spending the last few weekends relaxing and hanging out with friends.


Halloween and Obata Ryokuchi Koen

After two weeks silence, I am back. I had an unfortunate slip down the steps at school, which resulted in a lot of lazing around the house. (It DID at least encourage my kids to hold the handrail on the stairs, so there’s that!!) I’m now at about 80%, so back to the adventures!


Blue Bonnet

Yesterday, Teddy and I biked down to Nagoya Port and took a ferry to Blue Bonnet, a botanical garden.


Fun with Friends and Meijimura

We’ve been doing a lot of hanging out, biking, eating, and sitting through typhoons the past two weeks.


More Adventures in Cake Decorating!

Yesterday was our neighbors’ other son’s birthday, so once again I made an Angry Birds cake. She wanted a simpler one this time, so I ditched the FBCT technique for good old-fashioned buttercream decorating.


Food and Biking

Teddy and I haven’t been up to too much exciting recently, other than eating, hanging out, and biking.


Adventures in Cake Decorating!

About a month ago, our new neighbor Angela asked me if I knew of a bakery that made character-themed cakes for children’s birthdays. I told her that unfortunately, I did not. About a week after that, she asked if I could make her son an Angry Birds cake for his birthday. I love anything arts and crafts related, so naturally I accepted the challenge! She really liked the looks of the fondant cakes, but I have very limited experience in fondant, and one of the cakes she liked had actually been created by another technique called Frozen Buttercream Transfer. After doing my research on the technique, I moved to the design phase!


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